Chamber Pulse Jet Filter

Cabin Filter System includes the advantages of reverse bag air filters as well as Pulse Jet Bag Filters. Each chamber is similar to the Modular Pulse Jet Filter system. The cleaning process consists of isolating each compartment in turn and cleaning it with compressed air. Then all partitions are automatically cleared. Off-line cleaning is suitable for light and fine dusts and larger volumes where the formation of fluidization is a distinct possibility. The chambered Pulse-Jet filter contains 4 to 6 bag filter compartments. Each compartment is similar to the On-linebag filter. If the bags are to be cleaned with air pulse (with pulse valve), gas flow from a compartment is temporarily stopped. Dust from the bags quickly settles in the bunkers due to the lack of gas movement in the bag filter chamber. During this time, the remaining chambers continue to filter gases as usual. Each compartment is cleaned in the same way, one after the other. Starting and stopping the gas flow from the separate compartments is provided by a compact pneumatic or manual damper system. Generally, the Chamber bag filter is used for larger gas volumes.

Cabin Bag Pulse Filter System​ Features

Off-Line Pulse Jet Bag Filter consists of a series of modules / chambers. Each module is isolated from the gas stream by closing the outlet damper in a predetermined sequence. In an insulated module, each row of filter bags is sequentially cleaned with pulses of compressed air. The air mass contributes to the downdraft by drawing air from the tubes.

The extracted powder falls into the hoppers and is discharged through the discharge valve. A master controller, which can be PLC based, determines the order of rooms that should be in “Off-Line Mode”.

Cabin Jet Pulse Filter bag systems are generally suitable for large volumes or light dust applications. These bag systems are robust. One of the main advantages of the Off-Line bag system is that the system can be maintained by “turning off” a module until the maintenance activity is complete.

OFF-LINE Filter System Advantages

Areas of Use