Cylindrical Pulse Jet Filter

Cyclone-jet cylindrical filters are designed for high vacuum, high pressure, and explosion-prone areas. In this context, MDSJ AIR has developed a cylindrical bag filter concept that can ventilate bags in explosion zones. A pressure relief should be provided in relation to the corresponding pressure shock resistance. Additionally, an explosion diverter should be installed before the entry of the raw gas flow into the processing filter. These filters are applied for explosive dusts in locations that require pre-separation, such as product transfer centers and vacuum cleaners. The dust enters tangentially and, with the special design feature of MDSJ, the particles are first separated and directed downward through cyclonic action on the cylindrical wall. Our cyclone-filter combinations are available in capacities up to 90,000 m3/h. Along with MDSJ’s special design, these filters feature high vacuum resistance up to 2 bar, a double-walled body structure for explosion safety, stainless steel and carbon steel body options, and easy access through central covers.

Purposes of Cylindrical Pulse Jet Filter

Technical Advantages of Cylindrical Pulse Jet Filter

Additional Information on Cylindrical Bag Filter

The circular structure of the bag filter ensures their tightness. The possibility of dust accumulation inside the housing (at the edges, etc.) has been eliminated. Due to the arrangement shown in the bag illustrations, each bag is exposed to the dust-laden gas. Thanks to the rotating mechanism, the upper cover is pushed to one side during bag removal, providing space to lift the upper cover. The special design of the upper cover and outlet plenum prevents outside air from entering.

Working Principle of Cylindrical Pulse Jet Filter