DeSOx Desulfurization

Double alkali method; It uses sodium-based desulfurizer for desulfurization in the tower. Due to the strong alkalinity of the sodium-based desulfurizer, the solubility of the reaction products after sulfur dioxide SO2 absorption is quite high, which does not cause supersaturated crystallization and does not cause clogging problems. On the other hand, the desulfurizer products are discharged into the regeneration tank for regeneration with calcium hydroxide, and the regenerated sodium-based desulfurizer is recycled to be used again in the desulfurizer.

MDSJ Process Engineering Yarı Kuru Kükürt Giderme

MDSJ ; dry technology is a simple, low investment cost, high performance desulfurization system that covers a small area and is easy to operate. The dry desulfurization process takes place using the sensitive heat in the flue gas to evaporate the wet desulfurization chemical semi-wet agent water. In the drying process, the desulfurizer reacts with the sulfur dioxide in the flue gas to form dry powder products. In order to increase the effectiveness of desulfurization, lime powder pulp is used as the desulfurization agent. Desulfurized slag is a kind of free-flowing dry powder mixture that has no secondary pollution and can be used later. The process is mainly used for flue gas desulfurization of power plant boilers. The flue gas treatment capacity of single tower, SO2 removal rate can reach 89%-97%. MDSJ semi-dry desulfurization is a method with single tower processing capacity and the advantage of the most comprehensive desulfurization among dry and semi-dry desulfurization technologies.

Application Fields

High temperature and humid gas.
Adhesive powder adsorption efficiency is 92-99%.

Explosive dust; In short, it is to control the composition and eliminate the fire; by making static electricity and equipment grounding; explosion proof and fire protection.

Corrosive gas; In the selection of filter material, relevant filter materials should be used according to the characteristics of the corrosive substances produced by the flue gas, important parts of the bag filter should be made of stainless steel or coated with anti-corrosion paint.
abrasive dust; The pre-dust removal device expands before the flue gas enters the bag filter to conveniently control the flow rate at the inlet of the filter bag.