Flat Bag Filter

MDSJ AIR ENGINEERING flat bag filter is divided into two as dirty gas and clean gas by means of perforated mirrors. Flat bag filter elements, each consisting of a flat bag and a support cage, are mounted on the clean gas side. Flat bag filter elements are placed exactly on the mirror. It is fixed to the holes of the mirror without using screws and provides a perfect seal against dust leaks. The gas flow through the fabric and needle felt filter fabric is from the outside to the inside and the particles are kept out. Flat bag filters are mounted horizontally and vertically.

Flat Bag Filter Cleaning

It is provided with compressed air injectors. Compressed air and clean gas as secondary gas are injected sequentially into two adjacent rows of bags by means of injectors designed according to aerodynamic principles. The rows of bags are cleaned in pairs with a short jet of air, thereby removing the particulate cake from the fabric filter.

Support Cage Design

Small wire mesh (approx. 30 x 30 mm) support cages are used. This ensures that the differential pressure forces acting on the filter bags are evenly distributed over the entire fabric surface. The smaller the mesh, the less the load on the textile filter tissue near the wires.n

Flat Bag Lengths

For the flat bag filter construction, the length of the filter elements is limited to 2.5 m for horizontal installation and 3.0 m for vertical installation. Compared to other types of construction, this length limitation requires the installation of proportionally more filter elements for a filter surface of the same size; however, it offers significant advantages:nnBetter distribution of cleaning energy over the entire filter surface. Filter bodies can be transported to the construction site with pre-assembled filter elements