Modular Jet Pulse Filter

Our high-performance filters operate using Pulse Jet technology. They come in options of 130-160 mm bag diameters and up to 5 meters in bag length. They are manufactured with a surface area of up to 700 m2. Our Modular Baghouse filters have a pre-separation section along with the precipitation section. The majority of the dust is separated here, and only a smaller amount of fine dust is directed towards the bags. In Modular Jet-Pulse Filters, multiple fan systems can be installed based on capacity requirements. You can also check out our Off-Line Systems from here. The key advantages of our designs are the optimum cleaning with low-pressure air and the ability to perform maintenance while the system is operational. Modular filters can achieve much higher capacity by arranging modules sequentially. They are fully demountable and customizable. They are suitable for transportation by road and sea. They can be shipped fully assembled with all connections made. Maintenance is straightforward, with minimal bag changes per minute per person.

Advantages of Modular Bag Filters

The design includes a special low-pressure cleaning system that provides distinct advantages with a high-pressure cleaning system compared to conventional bag filters.
Pulse-Jet Filters apparently consist of filtering elements placed on the body. Under the body, there is a hopper section with a discharge valve to remove the dust collected from the bags. The whole body is supported by the feet from the ground, and the static structure is taken under protection. Access to the top of the filter is also provided for maintenance with ladders and handrails.

Working Principles of Modular Jet Pulse Filter​

The dust-laden air enters through suction from the bunker (positive pressure). The larger particulate dust is made to fall at the inlet with the help of MDSJ AIR specially designed deflector plate, while the smaller particulate dust is directed towards the bags. The dust moving towards the bags adheres to the outer surface of the bags. The dust accumulated on the outer surface of the bag is dislodged by a momentary pulse of high-pressure compressed air using specially selected injection elements. The clean air is then transported upwards over the top of the filter. This process is simply defined as filtration. The dust collected on the outer surface of the bag is removed by a high-pressure compressed air pulse at a predetermined cycle. Compressed air, coming from the pressurized air tank, is directed towards the manifold section through a specially selected pulse valve and then towards the bags underneath. The bags are inflated as the pressurized air enters, thereby dislodging the dust and dirty particles from the bag. The bag then returns to its original position, completing the cleaning process. Cage-like elements are used to support the bags. Dust particles slide towards the airlock valve from the sides of the hopper. MDSJ AIR considers various factors when selecting bag materials and cage supports.

MDSJ Design Background

Modular Jet Pulse Filter​ Features

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MDSJ Modular Jet Pulse General Information

MDSJ Modular Filters provide several advantages compared to their competitors. They are fully demountable filters. Firstly, the dust enters a large volume chamber where heavy particles move downwards due to high turbulence and settle in the dust bunker. Then, the settled dust-laden air transitions to a calm state and moves towards the bags, which is an ideal condition for extending the bags’ lifespan. The use of low-pressure in the cleaning process ensures reduced air consumption, lower energy usage, and prolongs the life of pulse valves.