Technical Advantages of Cylindrical Pulse Jet Filter

MDSJ AIR Engineering’s Compact Bag Filters, developed to enhance efficiency, reduce maintenance, and minimize size and weight, offer several advantages compared to typical Jet Pulse Bag Filters.

The most notable feature is their compact yet robust and modular design, which provides increased cleaning efficiency with reduced size and weight for ease of transportation and installation. Standard Compact Filters are equipped with insulation on the side walls and top section to maintain a consistent bag temperature. As a result, they offer a smaller footprint, larger filter area, and fewer moving parts compared to traditional Pulse Jet Bag Filters, leading to lower maintenance and operating costs.

Bagged Packet Filter Features

MDSJ AIR Engineering’s Compact Bag Filters are offered in combination with polyester or mesh bags. They are used for discharge points on silos, conveyor belt spillages, and point dust suppression. They can be produced with or without a complete fan system, with capacities up to 32m2. They are also known for their space-saving cleaning unit. Cleaning is performed during operation for production process and product quality control. Low pressure drop is maintained throughout the filtration process.

Technical Advantages of Cylindrical Pulse Jet Filter

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Additional Information on Cylindrical Bag Filter

The circular structure of the bag filter ensures its tight seal. The possibility of dust accumulation inside the housing (such as at the edges) is eliminated. Due to the arrangement shown in the bag images, each bag is exposed to the dust-laden gas. The rotating mechanism allows the upper cover to be pushed to one side during bag removal, creating space to lift the top cover. The special design of the top cover and outlet plenum prevents outside air ingress.