Choosing Oil Mist Control Technology

MDSJ AIR’s RL-E900 Roller Filter System isideal for the majority of oil mist controlapplications and offers lower capital, up to99.9% control efficiency and significantlylower operating and maintenance costs. The RL-E900 offers highly efficient simultaneousremoval of oil/dense smoke aerosol and anysolid particulate matter with no cloggingissues, consistent airflow/process ventilation,no downtime for filter change and extremelylow maintenance provides the costs.MDSJ AIR’s VP Wet Scrubber Scrubbersprovide high cleaning efficiency on oil mistand aerosol streams with larger particle sizesat a low capital cost.MDSJ AIR’s Catalytic Oxidizers can also beused where VOC control is required and uses high efficiency catalysts to achieve 97%-99%+ hydrocarbons removal at lower operating temperatures. MDSJ AIR applies the unique RL-E900 Filter as a pre-filter to protect the catalyst, typically guaranteeing a minimum of 2 years catalyst life. Depending on the hydrocarbon load and heat content of the gas stream, MDSJ AIR’s catalytic oxidizers may require little or no natural gas to maintain the required temperatures using high efficiency heat exchangers.MDSJ AIR’s Thermal Oxidizers can be used where VOC control is also required, providing very high control efficiencies—99% plus—through the conversion of hydrocarbons to high temperature combustion products. MDSJ AIR Technology offers primary and secondary heat exchangers to maximize the thermal oxidizer’s energy efficiency.

MDSJ Oil Mist Control Technology Applications are Used in:

Adhesives, aluminum rolling mills, other aluminum fabrication plants, asphalt plants and terminals, furnaces, biomass furnaces, chemical plants, coating processes, coffee production, composites, drying ovens, food processing, furniture manufacturing, foundries, lubricant production, oil pipeline terminals, petroleum refineries, dyeing processes, petrochemical plants, plastics, polymers, printing, pulp and paper manufacturing, metal manufacturing, recycling plants, plaster, resins, roofing products, rubber products, pharmaceuticals, sealants, solar power plants, spray drying processes, textile finishing, rubber processes, emery stone manufacturing.