Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying

MDSJ AIR ENGINEERING utilizes lean phase pneumatic conveying systems that operate at low air ratios and low pressures. Typically, the air ratio ranges between 1-15 at velocities of 15-30m/s. Solid materials in the form of dust and granules are transported in a suspended state within horizontal and vertical pipes. Lean phase conveying transfers products in a positive and negative manner from one or multiple points to one or more points. The main components of the system include a vacuum pump, rotary or suction device, a filter system at the discharge point, conveying pipes, and manual or automatic automation options.

To send materials using a pressurized lean phase system, a fan or blower is used up to a maximum pressure of 1 bar. For air-product separation at the final destination, an automatic cleaning pulse jet filter is employed. In positive conveying systems, the components consist of a positive displacement blower for product feeding, rotary valves, conveying pipes, and filter equipment. The product is injected into the pipeline as packages or continuously. The product reaches the target point in a suspended state. MDSJ AIR ENGINEERING installs lean phase conveying systems with capacities ranging from 500kg to 1 ton per hour.

Vacuum System Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying

In vacuum conveying systems, a fan or blower is used. In vacuum conveying, the pressure generally ranges up to 0.7 bar, and the air-to-product ratio varies between 1-10. Material transfer can be achieved from one point to another or from multiple points to one or more points, covering distances of up to 50m and capacities of up to 150t/h. Vacuum systems consist of a product feeding point, a destination point, a filter, and a vacuum pump at the final point.




Typical factors used for the calculation of pneumatic conveying systems are:
We are pleased to serve you, our esteemed customers, with MDSJ AIR’s experience in pneumatic transport, in addition to the final calculated values ​​of 30% to prevent the conveyor line from being blocked.