Multi Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatic conveying system is the transportation of products from one point to another using air pressure, either in dilute or dense phase, at different velocities, in industrial and manufacturing facilities.

The Multi Dense Phase System is particularly used for the transportation of delicate powders and granular materials, fragile and corrosive chemicals, minerals, agricultural products, filter dust transfers, and the handling of manufactured metals. It provides the most effective and reliable solutions for the transportation of abrasive materials.

The materials are conveyed in a stable closed pipe system, at high pressure and low velocity, ensuring deformation-free transfer and filling into tanks.

The working principle of the Multi Dense Phase System involves the use of compressed air pressure inside the tank to push the materials placed in the hopper into the tank through the conveyor and pneumatic system. This principle allows for simultaneous filling of multiple silos.

Multi Dense Phase Conveying Advantages


Multi Dense Phase Usage Areas

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