PBV - Pressure Balance Valve (BOOSTER VALVE)

The Injected Pressure Balancer (PBV pressure balance valve) is our latest patented innovation in dense phase pneumatic conveying technology for dry, coarse, or granular powders. The PBV Injected Booster is designed by MDSJ AIR ENGINEERING to significantly enhance the efficiency of dense phase pneumatic conveying and improve upon the functions of traditional pipe-air injectors, density stabilizers, or “boosters”. Traditional air boosters are placed at specific intervals along the dense phase conveying pipeline to assist in fluidizing the conveyed material and facilitate the conveying process. The PBV Injected Pressure Balancer is installed in a similar manner to traditional injectors, but our advanced PBV valve is a self-optimizing air technology that overcomes all design and application challenges typically associated with traditional pipe-air injection boosters and density stabilizers, while providing high energy savings.


The PBV Pressure Balancer Booster Valve is used in various material handling industries, including chemicals, mining, and food. The technology is particularly suitable for pneumatic conveying of difficult-to-transport granular materials, creating full-bore pipeline plugs at speeds ranging from 2 to 14 m/s. These materials require assistance in the conveying pipeline due to their compressible nature.

The PBV Pressure Balancer is designed to be installed in any pneumatic dense phase conveying system (MDSJ AIR ENGINEERING PBV Injected Pressure Balance Valve) used for transporting materials over distances of 150-200m.

The Injected Pressure Balancer System is designed and configured for the specific requirements of each application. MDSJ AIR ENGINEERING’s PBV Injected Pressure Balancer technology is easy to install with its ‘plug and play’ functionality, making it suitable as an upgrade, retrofitted to systems already equipped with density stabilizers, or for new installations in pneumatic dense phase conveying systems. It also does not require additional equipment.

Advantages of PBV Injectable Pressure Stabilizer

How PBV Injectable Stabilizer Works?

Unlike other existing solutions, the PBV Injected Pressure Balancer is innovatively designed to inject balancing air at high flow only when a material plug is detected between two injection points in the pipeline.

When the material is displaced due to a pressure rise at a specific injection point, the air volume efficiently transitions to low pressure. The installation of PBV Injected Pressure Balancer ensures the more efficient utilization of existing compressed air, reducing power consumption per ton of handled material or increasing conveying capacity for the same energy input.

The PBV Pressure Balancer equipment does not inject air into the low-pressure range to prevent compression and blockages. The technology also prevents pipeline blockages due to excessive plug lengths. The PBV Injected Pressure Balancer promotes smooth and consistent transitions along the pipeline by reducing the traditional “stop-and-start” behavior of material plugs during conveying.

The technology can adjust the injection air flow rate at any time and at any location along the pipeline to manage all material plugs simultaneously in the system.

No other technology can achieve this.