Flux Bath

The purpose of immersing the material in a flux bath (ZnCl2.2NH4Cl) is to accelerate the reaction between iron and zinc in the zinc bath to obtain a better surface. The pure steel surface is immersed in the flux bath to prevent re-oxidation before galvanizing. The flux also helps remove residues remaining from the acid surface cleaning process.

After the materials are immersed in the flux bath, the salts deposited on the material burn when dipped into the zinc bath, facilitating the reaction between zinc and the material. It can be said that it plays a role in the adhesion of zinc to the material surface.

Zinc Coating: MDSJ Dry Type Jet Pulse Filter
Zinc coating is applied to iron and steel materials that have been determined to be suitable for galvanizing in terms of design and chemical composition by immersing them in a molten zinc bath at 450°C to facilitate the interaction between iron and zinc. During the immersion in the baths, a high amount of zinc oxide vapor is released into the environment upon contact with the cold metal zinc melt. To prevent this, MDSJ has a special automatic opening feature.

The zinc oxide vapors drawn from the bath chambers are extracted with the help of an MDAJ fan and the zinc oxide dust is captured in the dry type jet pulse filter, while clean air is released into the atmosphere.

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