Plastic and Resin Manufacturing Emission Control

MDSJ AIR in Plastics and Resin Industries Emission Control; It is possible to successfully remove emissions from a wide variety of plants in the plastics and resin industries, including rigid packaging, flexible packaging, resin manufacturing, foam products, thermoplastic roofing, specialty film and sheet and other plants, with the MDSJ RL -E999 high filtration system. Processes that emit air pollutants at such facilities include extrusion dies, extruder vents, vacuum pump exhausts, pastillator, extrusion coating, lamination, mixing and process tanks, and spray application processes.
Pollutants controlled in such facilities include visible emissions/opacity, fine mist/smoke, odours, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), fine particulate matter and condensed fumes. Condensed smoke/smoke can act as a liquid particle/mist, solid particle, or most commonly a liquid to solid state.
For the control of visible emissions/opacity and fine liquid/solid/semi-solid particles and condensed fumes from these sources, MDSJ AIR uses the unique RL-E999 Filter technology. Because the RL-E999 Filter technology is designed to be non-clogging when used to treat such emissions, it is ideal for condensed fumes with sticky, oily, liquid or solid behavior emitted from these sources. MDSJ AIR RL-E999 Filter System Efficiency is above 99% most of the time.