Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners, developed for the cleaning of pollutant wastes generated during production in industrial facilities, are categorized into two separate mechanisms: Central type and mobile type. These systems, preferred in industries such as glass, marble, iron, ceramics, lime, cement, steel, paint, and chemical, can be mounted on trailer trucks or fixed sleds as desired. These units contribute to the removal of both air and components that may threaten human health with their powerful vacuum suction power (500mbar). The mobile type vacuum cleaner variant operates by connecting the main mechanism placed on a truck or trailer to the interior connection lines. They are highly successful in the suction of coarse-grained sand, abrasive wet and dry soil, gypsum, and lime products, and can be emptied with the help of a dumper.

Central type vacuum cleaning systems, on the other hand, work by vacuuming the piled-up waste after passing through coarse and fine separation and emptying it into a silo. They have a powerful suction power of 7000mbar and are generally suitable for use in factory fields. Providing effective solutions for the preservation of the environment and human health, both central and mobile type industrial vacuum cleaners offer cleaning advantages even in the most remote and challenging conditions with their strong vacuum volume. These systems can be operated with electric or diesel engines, have automatic cleaning filters, and the suction hoses can range from 1 to 3.


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