EJ - Ejector Venturi Scrubber

The Ejector Venturi Scrubber is capable of efficiently removing high concentrations of gases such as chlorine or other water-soluble gases. In many applications, the Ejector Venturi Scrubber can be used without any additional fans. The scrubbers utilize the energy from the liquid sprayed into the Venturi to create a vacuum and generate suction to draw the gas into the scrubber. The gas and liquid are then mixed in both the spray section and the high-velocity Venturi throat.


In the Ejector Venturi Scrubber, a large volume of washing liquid is used to simultaneously aspirate the pollutant-laden gas into the chamber through a specialized high-pressure nozzle.

As the gas enters the throat section of the Venturi, the resulting liquid curtain and droplets are sheared into much smaller sizes due to the high relative velocity between the gas and liquid.

These extremely small droplets create a large surface area for gas absorption and collision-based collection of particles.

Additionally, the velocity of the liquid spray creates a negative pressure that draws the gas into the scrubber.

Due to the equal distribution and large volume of liquid along the throat section, gases achieve a high efficiency without significant reduction in cleaning performance.

The gas, which contains liquid droplets and pollutant matter, then progresses towards the diffuser section where further cleaning action takes place.

The purified liquid separates from the gas in the drag separator before exiting the system, and it passes through the chimney.

The liquid containing pollutants flows from the outlet to the recirculation tank.