PS - Packing Wet Scrubber

ENGINEERING DY Series Vertical Countercurrent Packing Wet Scrubber is specifically designed for the effective cleaning of corrosive, harmful and/or irritating gases from process or ventilation air streams.

The airflow into the Packing Wet Scrubber is first brought into contact with the wash solution as it enters the bottom of the packed tower and then rises vertically. A spray head placed over the sealant distributes the to wash solution evenly over the sealant top.

The Contaminated Airflow then moves upward across the packed bed in countercurrent to the downward flowing liquid. Crossing a detour through the filler increases the contact time between air and liquid and increases the contact time of gas/liquid contact.

The gas then passes through the liquid spray on the filler. Before leaving the cleaner, the cleaned air is trapped through a mist eliminator through the Mist Eliminator to remove entrained droplets.

Gas type and desired cleaning efficiency determine filling depth, tower size, irrigation rate and chemical type and amount.

Versatile MDSJ Process Engineering Packing Wet Scrubber Applications

Suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as chemical, pulp and paper, steel and metal coatings, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals. The scrubber is also successfully used in the control of odors in water and wastewater treatment, laboratory exhausts, heat transfer and air cooling / degassing.

MDSJ AIR ENGINEERING DY Stream Packing Wet Scrubber is effective in removing corrosive and or harmful fumes and mists (6-8 microns and larger) from a gas stream.

Long Service Life

The Filled Vertical Countercurrent Wet Scrubber is designed with maximum corrosion resistance as the key consideration. Wide selection of corrosion resistant materials feature rigidon FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) as a standard material with thermoplastic, double laminated (thermoplastic with FRP coating), stainless steel and other alloy structures.

Superior Features of MDSJ Process Engineering Packing Wet Scrubber

High Efficiency Proper sizing of the unit, choosing fill depth, irrigation rate, and chemical feed can result in efficiency of 98% or better. Standard. The units are custom designed for the specific needs of each application.

Standard Dimensions Available from 500m3 to 150000′ with pre-designed standard design.

Low Operating Cost Static pressure drop at rated capacity, s Additionally, wash solutions can be circulated using the integrated pump. This reduces fresh water consumption and eliminates the need for additional tanks for the cleaner solution


MDSJ AIR ENGINEERING DY Vertical Countercurrent Packing Wet Scrubber is designed to handle a wide variety of applications, from removing acid gases to degassing a contaminated liquid. Units can be cascaded into a series to achieve maximum efficiency in even the most demanding applications.

Equipment Selection

Key factors for choosing the right countercurrent scrubber for a particular application are the gas volume that needs to be vented, the type of pollutant(s) present, the amount of pollutant present, and the required efficiency determining factors.

Before submitting a quote, its engineers assist in sizing and selecting accessory items such as pumps, fans and chemical supply systems, as well as the selection of the MDSJ AIR ENGINEERING DY filled model to create a complete washing system.